Real-Stims, back with a vengeance!

Hi Everybody,

I know some of you were quite shocked when the decision was made to move towards an invite only platform. Not only due to my physical health of doing a 3 man job on my own, but also of the communication between myself and customers.  Since then I’ve taken a week semi-off and feel much better because of it! Thanks to  all the people who sent their best wishes and luck to my inbox, it will not go unnoticed!

But, in the meantime, we’ve had a lot of awesome stuff come in, and since we are now the closed community that we are, I will sell these compounds at prices never seen before. For example, if you pay your order with bitcoin, then we will add a gram of HEXEN, for free! All other orders, made trough Paypal or the bank transfer options, everything above  70 euros spent gets a free gram as well!

Of course, we all know and love the 4F-MPH, and I’m happy to announce that I am giving some major discounts, the same goes for the U47700, so a lot of people will have access to HQ chemicals for prices never seen before.


4F-MPH: 1 gram of 4F-MPH: 35 euro a gram, will be temporarily lowered to a mere 19,99 euro’s a gram, and scaled accordingly!

HEXEN: 1 gram of HEXEN normally costs 25 euros a gram, now available for 12,50 euros a gram, and scaled accordingly!

U47700: 100 mg of U47700 is normally 10 euros, which will only be 5 euros from now on.  200 mg will be 10 euros, 300 will be 15 euros and if you really want to take full advantage of the system, get a gram for 39,95 euros.

In addition to these price reductions, the bitcoin incentive and the increased volume of stock, I’ve been working on making more of a community, then just a vendor site. What I would like to create is a safe haven for researchers to discuss their research results in a closed off forum. In addition to that, I’m thinking of ways to have people receive invites which they in their turn can use to get a discount when they introduce a new member which spends 100 euros or more at our shop.

Perhaps there is even room for me to add an extra section on the website for essential lab ware, in case some researchers have trouble finding some of them.

So, I think it’s time to say, lets get this show on the road people. Take advantage of these ultra low prices, and see what kind of quality Real-Stims is know for, only for a fraction of the price. Back with a vengeance!

Hope to be packing your orders soon!





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